Anime and video games go a little more hand in hand, while we have video games turned into anime we also have a big number of popular animation being transported to the gaming industry.

Play Anime Project is a program dedicated to discovering, supporting, and inspiring anime independent game developers to introduce their new work to the community while fundraising for a good cause.

Gamers and Duelists around the world can also support Anime For Humanity programs by streaming games and collect donations. Through the fundraising section of our website, you can create a custom fundraising page, track donations, and rally friends and family to support a long-term goal.

Or maybe you don’t really play video games yourself, but have an interest in supporting Anime For Humanity programs throughout the year. With the fundraising platform, you can keep track of your donations over time, and add to your impact by recruiting support from friends and family, or through social media. If you’re unable to attend our upcoming events, launching your own fundraiser is a great way to get involved!

Being a gamer is about much more than the time spent alone with a controller and headset. The video game community has mobilized to host several big events that put their skills, talent, and dedication to charitable causes. The amount of respect and love in the community is mind-blowing. Lives have been changed and will continue to be changed because of it. From raising money for hospitals to supporting emergency response groups, there are plenty of ways for gamers to get involved in philanthropy.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback! We look forward to hearing from you!