In honor of the National Suicide Prevention Week, we are playing video games to raise awareness for mental health. During this week organizations and individuals start as many conversations about suicide prevention as possible. We are confident that with their support along with your help, we can bring the numbers down.
Suicide has become one of the leading cause of death worldwide: it can affect anyone, anywhere, for any number or reasons. Gamers aren’t the exception, which is why it’s important for gaming communities to reach out and provide support to anyone they notice going through it.Our goal is to lower the suicide numbers, start conversations and share ways to prevent it. Take part of the conversation, play video games and share resources to level up mental health in the gaming community.

QuickSave is an opportunity to remind you as a gamer when life gets hard, it means you are just leveling up. That it’s okay to reach out and to ask for help when your HP is low. It’s a reminder that there is always time to Quicksave your progress, take a break to reload, and restart again.

Wherever today finds you, we want to take this moment to say that we’re with you. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to us via Discord or our FIND HEALING resources.


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