Anime For Mental Health Awareness

We all face challenges, ups, downs, and endless changes as we progress through life. These uncertainties are easier when individuals do not feel alone in these journeys. The comfort, warmth, understanding empathy, and safety of sharing and connecting with someone going through similar situations is therapeutic. These qualities and this process does occur through connections made to anime. It can be the show, music, character or situations presented that lead to this synergy. 

Why Anime?

Anime and manga historically have used mental health issues as a narrative tool and as a means to bring depth to a character. Although a sensitive subject, anime doesn’t shy away from bringing these issues to light. It is not afraid to tackle the topic of mental health. Whether it is highlighting the dark sides of suffering from a mental illness, providing insight into how to address the issues, or even focusing on the stigmas surrounding mental health. Sometimes finding someone to relate to, whom you know is going through the same things you are, is a way to heal. With more and more anime being release, you are sure to find one to relate to.

There is an anime for every mood, which is one of the reasons that makes it perfect and relatable to everyone, no matter your gender, age, background, etc. Whether you need something heavy and emotional to help you work through what’s going on in your head, or you want to watch something light and fluffy to distract you and make you smile. There are countless options for you to lose yourself in… And maybe, hopefully, find yourself too. 

How Anime is making a difference?

There are many who suffer from mental health issues silently. They might not be ready to reach out, know where to look for help, or find the courage to step into therapy. Our mission is to reach them and provide them with hope and the mental health resources they need. Through a shared love for anime, we can create a safe space as a support system. This can be one of the most direct ways we can reduce social isolation and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.

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