May is the Mental Health Awareness Month. It give us a unique opportunity to start as many conversations about the stigma of mental health. Our hope is that our Anime Therapy Kit will be there to provide support and encouragement for someone who needs it.

Mental illness affects a fair number of our community. It comes in many forms, for many reasons and is a very personal thing for anybody dealing with it. Attending conventions might not be an option for people struggling with mental health, for this reason we’re asking you to help us reach them and ship an Anime Therapy Kit to their doorstep for free.


Anime That Got Mental Health Just Right

Anime and Manga have been one of the few mediums that openly deals with issues like depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and many other conditions. Characters suffer from traumatizing experiences, constantly battling social anxiety, suicidal thoughts, guilt over the loss of a loved one… These themes eases us into a journey of hope that is at same time pure and uplifting, yet heartbreaking and bittersweet.


Mental health is different for everyone so why not share what it means to you! Your mental health story, and how anime impacted and inspired you in your journey. They are all great ways to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. We believe your story matters because it can bring hope and remind people that they are not alone in their struggles with mental health.

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