Mental Health
We all face challenges, ups, downs, and endless changes as we progress through life. These uncertainties are easier when individuals do not feel alone in these journeys. The comfort, warmth, understanding empathy, and safety of sharing and connecting with someone going through similar situations is therapeutic. These qualities and this process does occur through connections made...
Crispin Freeman, popular English-speaking actor is noted for his dub-work on popular anime series. His roles include but are not limited to Zelgadis Graywords in the series Slayers, along with work in Hellsing, Fate/Zero and many more, too many to count. We had the opportunity to discuss his work, inspiration and lifestyle, starting with why...
Every year, there are thousands of conventions held worldwide. These conventions come surrounded by the promise of hype, excitement, adventure, affinity, and community! Let’s be real, some of us (myself included) stay glued to our screens anticipating the moment when tickets go on sale, and we can buy our way into the fantastical chaos that...
Mental health and anime is a podcast where our hosts, Heather and June, dive into conversations highlighting the role mental health plays in the anime and help combat the stigma around mental health awareness. Heather is a project coordinator with Anime for Humanity and June is an associate marriage and family therapist!

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