Club Ambassador

Anime For Humanity

Club Ambassador

Anime For Humanity Club Ambassador is an exciting extension of AFH’s mission into the community. We collaborate with anime and culture clubs around the nation to raise mental health awareness and reduce stigma through our kits and education.

How it works

Join our club ambassadors network in few steps


Be a member of a Club or Start Your Own

Whether you run an anime or a culture club at your school or library, you are eligible to join our club ambassador network. If you’re looking for how to start a club, click blow for some great resources.


Fill Out The Club Ambassador Application

The first step is to complete our Club Ambassador application form to let us know you’re interested in starting a club. From there, a staff member will be in contact with you detailing the next steps.


Complete The Training

All clubs must complete the training to understand the policies and the overall goals of Anime For Humanity. This includes proper usage of brand, equal opportunity and non-discriminatory inclusion protocols, and more. 


Raise Awareness and Make a Difference

Clubs can play an important role in promoting positive mental health, raising funds for printing Anime Therapy Kits, and encouraging members to reach out for help when needed.

What you will get

The Club Kit

  • Anime Therapy Kits
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Anime Goodies
  • Anime For Humanity Shirts


What are the goals of Anime For Humanity Club Ambassadors?

Can I start a club if I’m not affiliated with a school or a library?

No, clubs cannot be formed outside of the context of a school or a library. If you are not affiliated with a school, we encourage you to check out our volunteer page for other ways to get involved with Anime For Humanity.

Can I start a club at a school outside of the United States?

Can Anime For Humanity Club Ambassador be peer support groups?

No. Anime For Humanity clubs may not be support groups and do not provide mental health services of any kind. While we recognize the immense value of peer support, the mission of Anime For Humanity clubs is to raise awareness, educate, and de-stigmatize help-seeking.

Other Ways To Get Involved

While trying to hand out our first million Anime Therapy Kit, we need to gather our own army of super-duper anime-powered heroes. We are always looking for new volunteers and interns to help us remotely or at conventions.