More People

More Impact

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Anime For Humanity. Many people are struggling silently. They might not know where to look for help and we’re asking you to help us reach them.

Your gift will allow us to share the message of hope and start conversations about mental health resources in unexpected places. With your effort, we can print thousands of Anime Therapy kits to hand out for free, secure booths at conventions, and connect people to professional help.

Get Started


Remember to Ask For Help

Setting up a fundraiser can be a little overwhelming. Remember that our staffs are always here to help and get you set up.



Sign up and create your campaign page. Tiltity allows users to create rewards, your schedule and goals.


Digital & Graphics

Maximize your fundraising potential with our brand guide streaming graphics. Create promo images using our brand to share for the event and be sure to add something to your channel about it. Ki-Chan is always happy to be on your layouts.


Promote (Suggested Tweets & Commands)

Update or add any donation links and tell your friends and family that you’re streaming. Promote your event on your social media (or wherever your followers are), as well as your Twitch chat bot commands before you start broadcasting. 


Why Mental Health?

Be sure to introduce why mental health is important to you and remind your viewers that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help. See our suggested “Talking Points” for tips on how to talk about Anime For Humanity.


Be Yourself & Celebrate the Win!

Be sure to enjoy your stream and thank the people who supported or donated to the cause. Don’t worry about reaching your donation goal, know that you’re raising awareness for mental health and that could save someone’s life.

Join The Ki-Squad

The Ki-Squad is a group of streamers dedicated to spreading awareness for Mental Health and participating in two of our major fundraising campaigns each year.